Conservative Filmmakers Raise Money for “Hugging Moore”

Michael Moore, who famously stalked General Motors’ then-CEO, Roger Smith, in his first film, is himself the subject of a new documentary whose makers are seeking funding through rally.org. The film will explore the differences between Moore’s repudiation of capitalism and “the 1%” and Moore’s own lifestyle.

FTR Media and Get Over Yourself Productions have titled the project “Hugging Moore”, referencing Andrew Breitbart’s declaration of Moore as one of his favorite capitalists and declared “I want to give him a hug.” Fingers Malloy and Ben Howe, influential new media and Twitter personalities, are heading up the project.

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Gayle Trotter on A Woman’s Right to Choose (A Firearm)

“Not all women are going to choose to have a gun to defend themselves, but they should be able to have that choice, to have that essential liberty to defend themselves.”


Gayle Trotter didn’t set out to be the voice of a woman’s right to choose.  The Washington, DC- based attorney and mother of six has a “special interest in Constitutional law and the liberties that were so costly obtained for us.” She made her first public comments about the Second Amendment in the wake of the Aurora, CO shootings last summer and the public discussions on gun violence and mental illness.

Then, after penning an article slamming post-Newtown gun control efforts and saying “gun control efforts will hurt women the most,” she was approached to testify in a hearing before the United States Senate. Though she pointed out 21 cases in which woman used a firearm for protection from a violent crime, women’s rights advocates and groups went after her, calling her views extreme and out of touch. A man who serves with Trotter on a neighborhood council in Washington, DC even said he didn’t think he would vote for her for chairman again because of these views.

Of these comments, she says, “[the] firestorm of controversy from my testimony I think was driven because I had a pro-woman argument but it came to a different result than a lot of people would like. And so then that was caricatured into a pseudo-feminist argument, when if you really explore what I was saying, it is intended to give women the choice to exercise a fundamental Constitutional right, and we want to make sure that we preserve all the options for women that the Supreme Court has already said they should have.”

Some observers feared that because of the backlash other women would be hesitant to speak out against gun control. Trotter admits that she too was afraid of this immediately after her testimony, but, “I got so many people, strangers, from all across the country reaching out to and telling me, whether they agreed with me or not, how courageous I was. And I was surprised by that reaction, too, because I was just was doing what I had been asked to do and what I felt was the right thing to answer in that circumstance.”

In the wake of the debate stirred up by her testimony, she believes “the tide has turned a little bit, and it’s made people who just reflexively think guns are dangerous, guns shouldn’t be around kids, guns are more likely to cause harm, I think it’s changed that reflex opinion and made them really consider that guns can make women safer.”

Though her Senate testimony focused on examples of how young mothers have chosen to defend themselves using firearms, Trotter believes that gun control harms all women – young, old, single, married, mother or not – even those women who choose not to own a firearm. “I know that women get benefits whether or not they own guns. Some women choose to own guns; some women benefit from others owning guns.”

“Guns make women safer. More than 90 percent of violent crimes occur without a gun, which is a shocking statistic. We’re talking about gun violence, but most violent crime occurs without a gun. The women we’re talking about are not mean, violent criminals, so even if you have a gun it’s going to be a difficult feat. But at least it gives you a chance. Because otherwise you’re stuck with – they have all these things about what to do. You can scream, you can throw something at the person, but is that really going to work? That’s the most ridiculous thing. Hide under your desk?”

As for the gentleman who serves with Trotter on her Neighborhood Council, she has this response. “It’s an uncomfortable truth that guns make women safer. So he has his opinions, but the reality is that guns make women safer, and he can’t understand to the same degree that women can because he doesn’t have the same situation that women do. I really like him a lot. We’ve gotten to know each other a lot the past few months, and I’m not surprised at his reaction, because it’s kind of a jarring wake-up call for people who assume that they know what’s best for women, but in reality it’s not good for women.”

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Update 9/5/13: The California Legislature has passed several gun control bills that limit 2nd Amendment rights and a woman’s right to choose how to defend herself. To urge Gov. Jerry Brown to veto these bills, please visit http://www.demandrights.org and sign the petition – and pass it on!


Frack Nation: A Systematic Takedown of Gasland

Frack Nation

I was one of the millions of people who had seen the footage of the “flaming water” supposedly caused by fracking in Pennsylvania, but had never seen Gasland or really studied the issue in depth. When the opportunity to attend the Los Angeles premiere of Frack Nation arose, I decided to see what the fuss was about. Cinematically and content-wise, Frack Nation did not disappoint.

Frack Nation starts with the same flaming water shot from Gasland that has alarmed environmentalists and the masses and describes the anti-fracking movement’s complaints. What was helpful for a newbie like me was to have the fracking process described in detail.

McAleer interviewed many of the farmers of Dimock, Pennsylvania, the “ground zero”  of this issue. The farmers almost unanimously want the ability to lease their mineral rights to the gas companies for fracking. Many of them are dairy farmers whose land has been in the family for generations. They passionately tell McAleer that they need this money to be able to survive, as farming is a money-losing proposition these days. It is what they love to do, and leasing mineral rights will allow them to do that instead of joining the ranks of the unemployed.

Just as passionately, they state they would never allow anything on their land that harms the environment. Their homes are on this land. Their dairy cows graze on this land. They’ve tilled this land for a lifetime. They are believable – they would not allow any process that harms their asset, the land, just for money.

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A Quick Squeeze for America


Ladies, have you been performing your breast self-examinations? Turns out there is a secondary benefit to your monthly squeeze.

As reported by MSN, recent study results presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in San Francisco suggest that compression applied during the initial stages of malignant cell growth can reprogram the cells to grow in a normal growth pattern.

From the original article:

“People have known for centuries that physical force can influence our bodies,” said Gautham Venugopalan, a leading member of the research team at the University of California at Berkeley.

“When we lift weights our muscles get bigger. The force of gravity is essential to keeping our bones strong. Here we show that physical force can play a role in the growth – and reversion – of cancer cells.”

The study involved growing malignant breast epithelial cells within a gel injected into flexible silicone chambers. This allowed the scientists to apply compression during the first stages of cell growth, effectively squashing the cells.

Over time, the squeezed malignant cells began to grow in a more normal and organized way.

Clearly, it is time to take responsibility for breast cancer prevention into our own hands.

Image Courtesy of adamr/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Prime Time for Liberty Movement


How many of these post-mortem soundbites have you heard?

  • Where was the Tea Party this time?
  • All that campaigning from AFP and FreedomWorks wasn’t very effective.
  • Romney lost because people want free stuff.
  • Romney lost because people are uneducated.
  • Romney lost because of voter fraud.

I don’t know why Romney lost. I will leave that to smarter people than me to figure out. I will say, though, that there’s some truth in a couple of those sound bites and none in others.

The analyst in me says those things only matter to the extent we use that knowledge to win hearts and minds (and elections) in the next four years.

We have a golden opportunity right now in the conservative and libertarian movements. Don’t get me wrong, I am afraid for my financial future and the future of civil liberties (1st, 2nd, 4th Amendments for starters) after last night. But it’s the perfect time to regroup and define what I’m going to term the Liberty movement.

Liberty is a winning philosophy. It’s what America is built on. The current GOP loses because they’ve embraced judgmental social policies and haven’t differentiated themselves enough from the Dems on financial and big government-principles. A younger generation, the Paul Ryan generation of conservatives, holds a much more Liberty minded philosophy. It’s time for them to take over leadership positions on the right and start a massive education and outreach movement aimed at the 15 to 45-year-old demographic (and start a preschool and elementary school program too).

Individual liberties plus a small, non-intrusive government is a winning angle. When I talk with so-called “liberal” friends and say, “I believe the government should stay out of my bedroom AND my pocketbook,” it starts a conversation where I can go more in depth about my belief in a government run within the confines of Constitutional mandates.

Some religious conservatives believe that by giving up the GOP planks on abortion and gay marriage they are tacitly approving behavior they find morally wrong. To that I say it is okay, even preferable, to maintain Christian morals in your private life without seeking to codify them for everyone. By separating your religion and your private life you don’t nullify your religious beliefs.

If the current GOP is unwilling to shift, it is time for a new party. Time for the liberty-loving patriots who have worked hard (and for free in a lot of cases) for a group that doesn’t appreciate or listen to their suggestions to create something new.

Other great analyses:

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Response to 47 Percent

The Twitterverse and political junkies are fixated on a “secret Romney tape” released yesterday where the Republican presidential nominee characterizes 47 percent of Americans as being “dependent upon government…believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”

Finally, we have someone willing to tell the truth about the situation America finds itself in – if only he sticks to it and doesn’t wimp out under the glare of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS… whoever.

He told the truth.

His comment brings to the surface the biggest disagreement between the two groups, conservatives and liberals – that being, who best makes decisions for the individual? To whom does the individual look for security, stability, and sustenance? Liberals view the individual as too stupid and helpless to take care of themselves – so a government grant or program has to do it for them.

I can’t believe in less than 250 years our nation has gone from a group of people who conquered a continent to those sitting on their fat asses in front of a doublewide, butt-crack likely hanging out, waiting for a check, a job, food, birth control, you name it. What a group of soft wimps (well, at least 47 percent or so) we’ve become! No wonder people in the Middle East don’t take our warnings or threats seriously – look at our backup! There is none!

People used to come to this country with a few coins (maybe) in their pocket, content with the OPPORTUNITY and FREEDOM to make something of themselves – OR NOT.  Sean Hannity speaks of his grandfather coming to New York from Ireland at a time when most signs said “Irish Need Not Apply” and, through hard work and sacrifice, making something of himself. Romney’s father was a poor immigrant from war-torn Mexico to the United States and worked his way up to becoming the president of a major corporation.  My great-grandparents put themselves and their two children on a boat from Holland to the US – and my grandfather became a successful business owner (of a fishing lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska).

These immigrants didn’t expect anything from the government except for their rights to be preserved. And there was nothing to get from the government – handout programs didn’t begin until the 1930’s and later. Yet these generations built a world superpower. They discovered an entire continent – mapped it, braved the elements to plow virgin ground and create the world’s most productive agricultural economy. They built all of the industry to support it – railroads, steamboats, telegraph, telephone.  They innovated and developed ways to increase productivity – cotton gin, ELECTRICITY.

Yes, all of this happened in America first, not Europe. Why? Because we ENCOURAGED innovation. We REWARDED individuals for their hard work. We didn’t have burdensome taxes and tariffs and fees – that scenario’s been failing in Europe for hundreds of years.

And NEED, not GOVERNMENT DECREE, powered innovation. (See: Solyndra, et al.)

In Europe, the rich lived off the backs of others. There was no way to work hard and become wealthy. Maybe for a few, but not  in general. America, and the promise of equality and freedom, changed that. The only thing you had to do was get there and join the opportunity to DRIVE YOUR OWN DESTINY.


In large part, that opportunity is still here. But as a nation we’ve become soft. We now believe American exceptionalism means we are owed something just because we were born here. We’ve let our government tell us they know better – and clearly they don’t. We trust the government to “fix” some problem – whether through Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Crop Insurance, yada yada – and it never works. It just makes it worse. And recently the current administration has shown us they won’t even protect our government representatives overseas – they’ll just let them be raped and murdered without consequence.

Come on, America! Wake up! We are still the most free society in the world. Freedom drives innovation. Freedom rewards hard work. Those of you in the 47 percent – YOU ARE NOT OWED ANYTHING. It’s not “ask what your country is going to do for you.”  It’s “ask what you can do for your country.” Well, all you’re asked to do right now is take care of yourself! Yes, I know it’s a difficult economy out there. But get off the government teat! Take whatever job you have to to make ends meet.  I have! I work my butt off to provide for myself and my children. As a self-employed single mom it’s not easy… but possible.

Barack Obama and the Democrats don’t believe you can do it. They believe you need a government jobs program, training program, or something else attached to a government handout to make it in the world. Prove them wrong.





Standing Up

Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin spoke at a “rally” to free Bradley Manning, Wikileaks traitor and also took the time to bash US policy in Israel. Her speech was sparsely attended, but a fired up REAL FEMINIST told Benjamin how she *really* feels.


Jobs Plan: “Bring People Together”

Kira caught up with Former NM Gov. Bill Richardson at the MSNBC set at DNC 2012. You’ll be glad to know that “things are getting better” and that this president will bring people together: “That’s how we get things done.” Hmm. Sounds solid. Wait, wasn’t that the plan in 2008?


“You Should Be Doing Something Heroic”

At the still-occurring March on Wall Street South, Occupy (or whatever name they’re going by today) protest happening at DNC 2012, anarchists/traitor-Bradley-Manning supporting vermin confronted the law enforcement officers attempting to rein them in.As a woman and mother, this exchange in particular bothered me:

Ashamed to stand beside her? Then leave! Her kids will be disappointed – she should be doing something heroic? Oh, you mean something heroic like camping in a park, bathing in a public pond, peeing outside a tent, and screaming obscenties at underpaid civil servants. Oh, yeah, that!

For safety reasons, I’m sure, officers were not wearing name badges, but lady officer from Asheville P.D., I salute you. You ARE doing something heroic, and are a Real Feminist.


One Big Song & Dance

(WARNING: Graphic content and earworm)

Hopefully this will be the last vagina-centric post that we do… at least this week. (DNC is next week, and Kira and I will be representing The Real Feminist there.)

But… you gotta hand it to them. Full creativity points. A choreographed song and dance, a stage, mics, costumes – can you imagine the girl’s craft night that must have preceded this, carefully crafting the big…. yeah. Those.

All in all – it’s a big FAIL. There are true, real issues facing women in the world, and once again the liberal feminist movement reduces it to one body part.