One Big Song & Dance

(WARNING: Graphic content and earworm)

Hopefully this will be the last vagina-centric post that we do… at least this week. (DNC is next week, and Kira and I will be representing The Real Feminist there.)

But… you gotta hand it to them. Full creativity points. A choreographed song and dance, a stage, mics, costumes – can you imagine the girl’s craft night that must have preceded this, carefully crafting the big…. yeah. Those.

All in all – it’s a big FAIL. There are true, real issues facing women in the world, and once again the liberal feminist movement reduces it to one body part.


2 thoughts on “One Big Song & Dance

  1. Ok, this is…. horrifying? BTW I take my vagina everywhere I go, (used it to deliver 3 amazing children) but I do not show it to everyone I see, and I’m thinking that makes me no less of a woman. Thank you suffragettes (1920), and be gone vaginettes (2012)!

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