Poverty, Death & Destruction?

You saw a brief clip of this “Raging Granny” in yesterday’s mashup of my talks with Code Pink RNC protesters, but the “whole story” is even more revealing.  Here “in a nutshell,” is what this granny sees for women if Romney is elected:

  • Back alley abortions
  • More “unwanted” children in the world
  • Poverty “agenda”
  • Earth’s resources destroyed

It’s easy to mock this ignorance, but what is frightening and sad is that this ignorance is rampant! These women truly believe that there is a poverty “agenda” among Republicans and that they are evil greedy capitalists who want women to have back alley abortions and risk death. They willingly ignore the fact that abortion kills more girls than boys, and that government intrusion, burdensome taxation, over-regulation are responsible for the “agenda of poverty.”

It’s frightening and sad that these women don’t realize they are tools, useful idiots, for socialists who prey on their emotions.


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