“You Should Be Doing Something Heroic”

At the still-occurring March on Wall Street South, Occupy (or whatever name they’re going by today) protest happening at DNC 2012, anarchists/traitor-Bradley-Manning supporting vermin confronted the law enforcement officers attempting to rein them in.As a woman and mother, this exchange in particular bothered me:

Ashamed to stand beside her? Then leave! Her kids will be disappointed – she should be doing something heroic? Oh, you mean something heroic like camping in a park, bathing in a public pond, peeing outside a tent, and screaming obscenties at underpaid civil servants. Oh, yeah, that!

For safety reasons, I’m sure, officers were not wearing name badges, but lady officer from Asheville P.D., I salute you. You ARE doing something heroic, and are a Real Feminist.


3 thoughts on ““You Should Be Doing Something Heroic”

  1. “And she stood there taking harassment from this woman. cops are some of the most heroic people out there…”

    No, that is not true. Like it or not, most cops are worthless dirtbags whose sole interest in their job is the power trip from bullying other people. However, that makes the Asheville police officer all the more heroic for her actions.

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