Response to 47 Percent

The Twitterverse and political junkies are fixated on a “secret Romney tape” released yesterday where the Republican presidential nominee characterizes 47 percent of Americans as being “dependent upon government…believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”

Finally, we have someone willing to tell the truth about the situation America finds itself in – if only he sticks to it and doesn’t wimp out under the glare of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS… whoever.

He told the truth.

His comment brings to the surface the biggest disagreement between the two groups, conservatives and liberals – that being, who best makes decisions for the individual? To whom does the individual look for security, stability, and sustenance? Liberals view the individual as too stupid and helpless to take care of themselves – so a government grant or program has to do it for them.

I can’t believe in less than 250 years our nation has gone from a group of people who conquered a continent to those sitting on their fat asses in front of a doublewide, butt-crack likely hanging out, waiting for a check, a job, food, birth control, you name it. What a group of soft wimps (well, at least 47 percent or so) we’ve become! No wonder people in the Middle East don’t take our warnings or threats seriously – look at our backup! There is none!

People used to come to this country with a few coins (maybe) in their pocket, content with the OPPORTUNITY and FREEDOM to make something of themselves – OR NOT.  Sean Hannity speaks of his grandfather coming to New York from Ireland at a time when most signs said “Irish Need Not Apply” and, through hard work and sacrifice, making something of himself. Romney’s father was a poor immigrant from war-torn Mexico to the United States and worked his way up to becoming the president of a major corporation.  My great-grandparents put themselves and their two children on a boat from Holland to the US – and my grandfather became a successful business owner (of a fishing lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska).

These immigrants didn’t expect anything from the government except for their rights to be preserved. And there was nothing to get from the government – handout programs didn’t begin until the 1930’s and later. Yet these generations built a world superpower. They discovered an entire continent – mapped it, braved the elements to plow virgin ground and create the world’s most productive agricultural economy. They built all of the industry to support it – railroads, steamboats, telegraph, telephone.  They innovated and developed ways to increase productivity – cotton gin, ELECTRICITY.

Yes, all of this happened in America first, not Europe. Why? Because we ENCOURAGED innovation. We REWARDED individuals for their hard work. We didn’t have burdensome taxes and tariffs and fees – that scenario’s been failing in Europe for hundreds of years.

And NEED, not GOVERNMENT DECREE, powered innovation. (See: Solyndra, et al.)

In Europe, the rich lived off the backs of others. There was no way to work hard and become wealthy. Maybe for a few, but not  in general. America, and the promise of equality and freedom, changed that. The only thing you had to do was get there and join the opportunity to DRIVE YOUR OWN DESTINY.


In large part, that opportunity is still here. But as a nation we’ve become soft. We now believe American exceptionalism means we are owed something just because we were born here. We’ve let our government tell us they know better – and clearly they don’t. We trust the government to “fix” some problem – whether through Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Crop Insurance, yada yada – and it never works. It just makes it worse. And recently the current administration has shown us they won’t even protect our government representatives overseas – they’ll just let them be raped and murdered without consequence.

Come on, America! Wake up! We are still the most free society in the world. Freedom drives innovation. Freedom rewards hard work. Those of you in the 47 percent – YOU ARE NOT OWED ANYTHING. It’s not “ask what your country is going to do for you.”  It’s “ask what you can do for your country.” Well, all you’re asked to do right now is take care of yourself! Yes, I know it’s a difficult economy out there. But get off the government teat! Take whatever job you have to to make ends meet.  I have! I work my butt off to provide for myself and my children. As a self-employed single mom it’s not easy… but possible.

Barack Obama and the Democrats don’t believe you can do it. They believe you need a government jobs program, training program, or something else attached to a government handout to make it in the world. Prove them wrong.





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