My Platform

Here is a brief synopsis of what I believe politically… as I get a moment I’m sure I will elaborate elsewhere on the blog.

  • Federal government should be involved in what is delineated in the Constitution only.  Do away with the alphabet soup of agencies.
  • Defense: We must adjust our tactics as the world changes.  Warfare has changed over the centuries – our enemies don’t wear uniforms or play by civilized rules.  To protect our way of life, we must meet and beat them at their own game.
  • Environment:  Individuals and corporations should be environmentally responsible of their own accord – no government policies or guilt trips.
  • Gay Marriage: Allow for civil unions with strict protections for churches that do not wish to marry same-sex couples.
  • Drugs: Legalize drugs, and reassign the law enforcement agents to assist in national defense [border control]
  • Welfare/Social Programs: Not the place of government.  Take care of yourself or hope a charity helps you.  Or [gasp] your family!

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